What is CNG?

Compressed natural gas is exactly the same as ordinary natural gas
that is compressed, its bad smell is eliminated and it cannot be spoiled. 

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Overhaul of more than 19 CNG stations with different capacities with the municipalities of Mashhad,Bojnourd,Jajarm,Esfarayen….


Training of more than 400 people working in CNG stations in the general operation course of CNG stations.


Collection of low capacity CNG equipment and installation of high capacity equipment at Sahranvard-Neishabour station.


Execution of standardization of CNG equipment in more than 17 CNG Stations under contract and maintenance of this company and obtaining standard approval.


Consulting contract with Siroud International Company (Siroud International Development Network).


Contract for supplying parts and services to CNG stations with Zalpars brand.







Driving at heights
At higher altitudes, the air is diluted and the engine runs on a richer fuel mix (higher fuel-to-air ratio). As a result, engine power decreases due to reduced engine respiration and less oxygen supply, as well as richer, richer fuel flows. In this case, because the gas engine because the gas is about 12% of the inlet volume and the volume of fuel decreases as the air density decreases due to its dilution, the engine power decreases by 12 to 14%. Therefore, if the vehicle is dual-fuel, it is better to use gasoline fuel at high altitudes
Calorific value
The amount of natural gas energy is about 47 megajoules per kilogram or 40 megajoules per cubic meter, which is a comparison for 60 megajoules per kilogram or 46 megajoules per cubic meter. In other words, one kilogram of gas is equivalent to 1.33 liters of gasoline or 1.22 liters of diesel
Natural gas is safer than gasoline. Unlike natural gasoline, natural gas is dispersed in the air during accidents and unforeseen events, but gasoline creates pools on the ground that can lead to terrible fires at any moment. Gas storage capsules are also much stronger than gasoline fuel tanks. The design of these capsules is subject to the most severe safety tests such as heat, high pressure, shooting and severe collisions. In general, the risk of fire under normal operating conditions is very low. Due to the fact that CNG gas is lighter than air, it is dispersed in space. But LPG vapor is heavier than air and tends to form pools near the ground

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HAMIN MEHR Pardis Company to perform all steps including training, consulting, installation, commissioning, operation and after-sales service of CNG station equipment. (Training includes: technical courses and operation of CNG stations). Fortunately, the company has succeeded in obtaining the certificate of integrated quality management system ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 1401-2015 from BRS International Company with the efforts of its employees and board.

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